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    When was SJC started?

    What does SJC stand for?

    With so many drummers playing SJC, how can you take care of me too?

    Do you offer shop tours?

    Do you have backline for your artists?

    Can I get free drums?

    Do you ship internationally?

    Will SJC refurbish my old kit?

    Do you have a return policy?

    What if I don't know the name of a drum part?


    Do you offer a warranty with your drums?

    Will my drums arrive assembled?

    Do you have any in stock drums?

    I don't see the finish I am looking to get, can you do it?

    What's the difference between custom and your series kits?

    Can I change the finish or specs on a series kit?

    Can I order the Shadow hardware stands individually?

    Where can I see the finishes you offer?

    How do I learn more about the specifications of your drums?

    Will you re-make an artist kit?

    Do you offer color matching?

    Can you offer a matching add-on drum for my current SJC kit or if I want to add drums in the future?

    Are seams/patches on my wrap kit normal?


    What is the current lead time?

    Will I be charged sales tax?

    Are there any shipping charges?

    What would my minimum payment be if I financed the kit?

    What if I can't afford a Kit or Snare from SJC?

    How do I place an order?

    Can I change my mind on my drums after I order?

    Can I order Butcher Hoops for my kit if it's not an SJC kit?

    Can I get free stickers?


    Are wood hoops fragile?

    How do I store and travel with my drums?

    How do I replace and tune my heads?

    How do I clean my drums?

    How do care for my tension rods and bearing edges?

    If I get a wrap finish on my kit or snare, will it bubble over time?

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