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We are only a week away! On June 23rd starting at 12:00am, the following products will be available for pre-order and ship at the end of July! Stay tuned for a few more in-depth blogs over the next few days!

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SJC Foundation Hardware was developed to meet the needs of drummers seeking professional quality, heavier-duty stands and pedals that infuse versatility and durability. We worked closely with artists and hardware experts to design a line that not only serves as the foundation of your setup, but completely satisfies the desire to have hardware that performs in any setting. Build the groundwork for your kit with Foundation Hardware.

X Series - The ultimate choice for the optimal setup

  • - Double-braced tripod legs for increased stability
  • - Heavy-duty, reliable SJC design
  • - Gearless cymbal tilters and hinged memory locks for quick adjustments

    - Build the groundwork for your kit with Foundation Hardware
  • - FX-SC Straight Cymbal Stand - $119.99

    - FX-BC Boom Cymbal Stand - $149.99

    - FX-TS Double Tom Stand - $149.99

    - FX-SS Snare Stand - $129.99

    - FX-HH Hi Hat Stand - $239.99

    Flatline Series - the only double braced heavy duty flat base stands on the market!

  • - Double braced flat base legs for ultimate stability

  • - One of a kind SJC aesthetic separates your kit from the rest
  • - Gearless tilters and hinged memory locks for quick adjustment 
  • - The ONLY heavy-duty flat 
  • base line 
  • on the market!

    - FF-SC Straight Cymbal Stand - $119.99

    - FF-BS Boom Cymbal Stand - $149.99

    - FF-TS Double Tom Stand - $149.99

    - FF-SS Snare Stand - $129.99

    FOUNDATION PEDALS: FX-SP Single - $199.99 & FX-DP Double: $419.99


    Designed for playability and functionality, the Foundation X pedals exhibit effortless action at any adjustment. Simplicity comes together with high-end components to create completely smooth and responsive movement through each kick. The unique aesthetic of these pedals and ergonomic features produce the ultimate sense of control and comfort.

    - Adjustable beater angle and pedalboard height

  • - Unique aesthetic and ergonomics for control and comfort

  • - Responsive movement through each kick
  • - Designed for playability and functionality


    Shadow Hardware Pack - $369.99

    - Complete 6-piece hardware pack 

    Sleek black finish creates a custom look

    - Double braced tripod base for strength and stability 

    Perfect for the home or smaller gigs!

      Alpha Snare: $199.99

      • - Versatile 6.5x14 size

      • - Polished steel shell delivers a bold and brilliant tone

      • - SJC Shield lugs create a custom and unmistakable appearance

      • - Cut through the mix with the Alpha’s aggressive attack



      JD Crowd Snare: $249.99

      • - Versatile 6.5x14 size

      • - Flat black steel shell delivers a snappy, crisp attack

      • - Custom look and tone were chosen by Josh Dun himself

      • - Take command of any stage and any crowd



      Pathfinder Series: Starting at $799.99 (kit) and $199.99 (Snare)

      • - Affordability combined with custom SJC aesthetic

      • - Agathis/Cherry shells exhibit slightly deeper tone with smooth high frequencies

      • - Smaller sizes makes it easy to move from gig to gig

      • - Set your path to the stage with the Pathfinder

      • - 4 piece: 8x12, 14x14, 16x20, 6x14 Snare: $799.99

      • - 5 piece: 7x10, 8x12, 14x14, 16x20, 6x14 Snare: $949.99

      • - 6x14 Snare: $199.99



      Navigator Series: Starting at $1399.99 (Kit) and $299.99 (Snare)

      • - Maple ply shells are punchy and resonant

      • - Our most popular sizes for tonal versatility

      • - Exclusive SJC finish and hardware for a custom appearance

      • - Navigate through any style or gig with complete ease

      • - 3 piece 22" Kit: 8x12, 16x16, 18x22 - $1399.99

      • - 3 piece 24" Kit: 9x13, 16x16, 14x24 - $1499.99

      • - 4 piece 22” Kit: 7x10, 8x12, 16x16, 18x22 - $1599.99

      • - Available Add-On Floor Toms: 14x14 - $349.99 and 16x18 - $449.99

      • - 6.5x14 Snare: $299.99



      Paramount Series: Starting at $1399.99 (Kit) and $299.99 (Snare)

      • - Eternally classic aesthetic with limitless versatility

      • - Hi-Gloss finish and SJC hardware for a custom appearance

      • - Maple ply shells produce a smooth, controlled tone

      • - Tried-and-true sizes essential for any playing situation

      • - 3 piece Kit : 8x12, 16x16, 18x22 - $1399.99

      • - 5 piece Kit: 7x10, 8x12, 16x16, 18x22, 6.5x14 Snare - $1899.99

      • - Available Add-On Floor Toms: 14x14 - $349.99, 16x18 - $449.99

      • - 6.5x14 Snare: $299.99

      Over the next few days, I'll get more in-depth about the Foundation Hardware and these new drums!

      Keep an eye out for the blogs and sign up to get alerted right before the products drop on the 23rd HERE!

      - Zach Matook, Brand Manager




      • Posted On June 16, 2017 by Amanda DeFrees

        Yes!!! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I love your kits, but I could never afford them. Now with this new line, I am able to convince my parents to get me your kits.

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