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Hey bro's and lady-bro's! Sorry for the lack of blog recently, my bad. How do you guys feel about the Sunday-Slam? Zach will try and do a SS every week, that way you guys can hear our drums and ask questions to the SJC crew! We ran a MARCHMADNESS sale this weekend! We are putting the Instock page on ice for a little bit....but don't worry, the next phase will be super rad! This week was dope, a few of my favorite bands announced a joint-tour and I got to give a shop tour to a member of the Boston Bruins. Life is rad. 

Through the team-work of Branden Steinekert (The drummer for one of my favorite bands, Rancid) and Violent Gentlemen (My favorite clothing company), we were able to build drums for Matt Beleskey, of the Boston Bruins!!! I'm a MASSIVE hockey fan, and the Bruins are my life. When I found out we were working on a kit with Matt, I was super stoked. 

Matt came through the shop on Thursday for a tour of SJC-HQ, and to pick up his kit. It was pretty awesome having a member of the Bruins in our little shop, I'm not going to lie. 

Matt was back in the line-up for the Bruins/Flyers game on Saturday afternoon....I think that new kit brought him some luck! Not only did the Bruins win (sorry Jordan Zubyk :p) but Beleskey had a great game, and he got in a fight! 

Enjoy the kit dude! Good luck with the Play-Off push. 

Most people are excited for the summer for vacations, warm weather, and Baseball. I'm excited for the summer, for this tour! I haven't seen the Dropkick Murphys live in a few years, and I just seen The Bouncing Souls open for Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls two weeks ago, but this AWESOME lineup also has RANCID on it! The idea of spending an entire day out in the sun, listening to three of the greatest punk bands EVER is exactly what I love about life. The new DKM album is fantastic, and I'm sure the next material we get from Rancid will be just as dope. Make sure you get tickets, I'll buy you a beer if you're at the Boston show. 

My dude Frank Zummo and the guys in Sum-41 just wrapped up their UK Tour! Check out this hilarious update video they put out from life on the road. I wish they were able to bring back Pain For Pleasure for the U.S. tour last year, but maybe I will get to see it later this year? Either way, the world needs PFP, and it's a better place now. 

We have had a bunch of new SJC Family members join us recently! David Schinwald just got his new kit, look for more info on his kit this week, I'll post the specs! 

Welcome our new dude, Carmen Matarazzo! Keep an eye out in the near-future for Carmen's kit! 

Welcome Derek Camp-Campins to the SJC Fam! To my knowledge, Derek is the first person to have an SJC kit in the Caribbean! 

Looking for a party? Check our bud Eric Pensa's band Men Of Horses! Give some of the videos on their Facebook a spin! https://www.facebook.com/MenOfHorses/


Congrats to the homegirl Kristina Schiano for reaching 60,000+ subscribers on her youtube channel! Check out her newest cover of Panic! At The Disco's "I write sins..."

Pawtucket, NYC, Philly.....you need to be at these shows. Don't mess this up. 


That's whats up this week, Cheers! 


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