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Hey everybody, I hope all is well in the SJC Family! It was a great week at SJC-HQ, we had a bunch of people stop by and pick up drums/get shop tours....which is always a blast! Matt Beleskey scored a goal! I'm not saying that Matt has been on a roll since picking up his drums, but he is. You're welcome, Bruins fans. (Yes, I will use the excuse that Beleskey now has drums, just so I can talk about hockey every week in this blog).

Long-time SJC Family member Scott Fowles sent this picture over of him and his throw-back SJC kit! We love seeing kits from the past, especially ones that are still used as much as Scott's! 

Seb Olrog and his band Parting Gift released their debut video for "Be Still". Keep an eye out for more from this band! 

Dustin Murr sent us over this rad play-through video for City In Ashes "Glassheart". I love the sound of that tour series kit dude! 

Join us in welcoming Sean Mclean to the SJC Family! Look for more info on Sean's snare soon! I'll spotlight it on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook in the near future. 

My bud Aaron Gul just released a new cover for Angles And Airwaves "The Adventure"! Make sure you're following his Youtube page for more covers! 



Secret Eyes released a cover of one of my (at the moment) favorite songs, "Starboy" by The Weekend. This version RULES! 

Our dude Nicolas Espinosa and his band, Deaf Poets, just dropped a new video for "Celestine"! Keep an eye on these dudes, everything they release is a jam. 

Congrats to my bud Scott Eckel, and his band Makeout, for landing the opening spot in Blink 182's spring tour! I'm so stoked for these guys, I can't wait until they announce some East Coast dates (even if it isn't with Blink), so I can get down! Cheers boys! 

If HDBEENDOPE rolls through your area on tour with Portugal, The Man....GO! SJC's Derek Vautrinot is holding it down on the kit, adding a great live element to HD's set! Say hi to Evan, who is running the lights and driving our boys on this tour! 

We might be dropping some new mech soon. Like, real soon. And it rules. It could be a new hoodie, it could contain a few new t-shirt designs, my face MIGHT be on one of them, aaaaaand maybe we will have some basketball shorts again (finally). You could possibly find out early, if you check out our Coming Soon page! 


^ This could be the Coming Soon page. 


That's What's Up. Cheers! 


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