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Can the Celtics please stop playing like junk against Washington? I'm tired of watching them start slow, turn it on, and then blow it again later. GET IT TOGETHER. 

Hey guys, welcome to shout-out-Sunday! Sorry for the Celtics rant, but I'm watching this gross 3rd quarter of game 4 right now, and it's not a pretty one. This week was a fun one at the shop! Chris came back from a very exciting business trip (You'll find out soon), Zoey and Penny pooped under Emily's desk....it was hilarious...and Vans hooked us all up with new shoes. We also sent a bunch of fantastic kits out, started assembling something really rad, and sent out one of the coolest kits we've ever made, which I'm sure you'll see in some sort of unboxing video tomorrow (Monday). 

My boy Thomas Cory James and his band Good Work Watson, just dropped a video for one of my favorite new songs! I can't wait to see more from these dudes! 

Preston Harper and Be Like Max are playing this coming week in Las Vegas w/ Suburban Legends! Be there on May 11th for the party! 

Hey New England, our dudes The Green Invaders are playing some gigs this summer! Check them out and open up the pit! 

This September, Nick Holt and his band Dismembering Mary are playing a gig with the legendary Thy Art Is Murder! If you live in Seattle, catch this! Cheers boys! 

Yo, RANCID IS BACK!!!! When they announced their tour with Dropkick Murphys for later this summer, I instantly got super stoked for the idea of new music, and because Rancid rules, they couldn't dissapoint! This song is awesome and I cant wait to hear if live this summer! 

Antonis Zontiros & Ruined Families recently played some shows! Check that band out for sure! 

A few weeks back, I posted a few pictures Frank sent over from the shoot of this video, and now the video is out aaaaaaand it's awesome! The newest Sum 41 record is a jam! I keep hoping I'll get to the shop one day and Sum 41 will be playing in our office while a bunch of kids are losing their minds. One day. One day. 

Gold Steps is touring the mid-west and TX later this month! Catch a gig and say whats up to those dudes for me! 

A few years back, Jake Massucco of Four Year Strong had hit us up about making a Celtics kit. The Boston Celtics are famous for having a parquet floor, so we all figured that would be the coolest option for a finish. Mike and Josh were able to visit the Celtics practice facility and meet with the staff there, who taught Josh how the floor was made. The woods used for this were maple and light cherry, wish Josh had to inlay all by hand! Such a rad idea for a kit. Now maybe the team will bring the current series with Washington back to the Garden for a win on this legendary floor this week! (The game is now over, and they lost. Not a good effort at all).

Turn up the volume and make some room for dancing. Bad Rabbits released an absolute JAM on Friday! I shot down to Rhode Island Friday night to catch their gig at The Met, needless to say it was a party. I hope some of you hit a show in PA/NYC this weekend, and I hope BR releases a new song every Friday along with a show. I just really like to party. 


That's whats up. Go Celtics! Cheers! 


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