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Hey everybody, Happy Sunday! This week was a wild one at the shop, we started getting in some of the new products that start shipping later this month! Keep an eye out for that announcement soon. We also hit up the Vans Warped Tour stop in Mansfield MA! It was awesome catching up with the SJC Family (I personally caught sets from Neck Deep, Fit For A King, Big D And The Kids Table, BadCop/BadCop, and Dreamer And Son...along with the always great Anti-Flag!) and some old friends. 

Last weekend was the 2000 Trees Festival, and our dude Luke Ellis & his band Muncie Girls looked like they CRUSHED a huge crowd! 

Told ya. But for real, I can't wait until this band makes it's way to the MA area so I can catch a gig. 

Our bud David Williams just released his new EP this past Friday! Check Itunes to get yours! Cheers bud! 

John Ranier and his band Lindenwood just released a new EP called "Steady Lives". Check out their new video for the title track below! 

My dude Matt Lomas not only got his new Tour Series snare, but he also decided it should partake in summer activities.....YOUR SNARES ARE NOT WATERPROOF SO DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU THINK IT's A GOOD IDEA....WHICH IT's NOT. But yea, as long as you're having fun and putting sunscreen on, cheers!

Bad Rabbits are hitting the road next week! If you live in NY, PA, or the DC area, do not miss these shows. The PA show is with 311, how do you not go see those two bands TOGETHER if you live in that city?! If you can't make it to the gigs (like me), just put on "Mysterious" and throw a party....invite me. 

Shout-out to my dude Scott and his band Makeout! These guys not only announced a new record and that they have signed to Rise Records, but they also dropped a video for one of my new favorite jams, "Crazy". This song has been stuck in my head for days now and I'm not mad at all about it. Get on board now, you're welcome. 

My shout-out of the week is for one of my favorite podcast, Brunch. If you like the idea of a couple of sports writers talking about pop-culture and the band Haim, you'll love this. So shout-out to DJ Bean and Pete Blackburn for keeping it real.


That's whats up, Cheers! 




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