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Whats up!? Sorry it's been a minute since the last blog, I had some weddings and other events going on! I'm back now, and I wont let there be another long gap between shout-outs. 

Have you ever seen Street Drum Corps?! These dudes bring street art to life, and you can pretty much always catch them ripping a set somewhere in CA. They use mostly cans/buckets and other random pieces, but they are also outfitted with SJC UFO's! 

Jay Patterson of I, Assassin sent us over this picture of his kit set up before a recent gig.....I want to go to a small show so bad after seeing this. If I, Assassin rolls through your town, make sure you get to a gig and say whats up to out bud Jay! 

This coming Friday, Cody Cook and the dudes in Across The Atlantic drop their new record! We love working with Cody and we couldn't be more stoked to hear what these guys have put together! 

Nicolas Espinosa's band Deaf Poets have been gaining a lot of momentum. We posted a picture of Nicolas's kit yesterday, which got me into a wicked Deaf Poets vibe all day. Go listen to their song "Are You Dp", it's an absolute jam.

And if they are coming to your town on this tour, GO! I want to see this band so bad, but they miss MA/RI on this run. 

If you live in the Bakersfield (sup Buck Owens?!) CA, area, you NEED to go see Josh Alves and Rivals tomorrow night! They are playing Jerry's Pizza (which sounds delicious) and it will for-sure be a good time. 

Our boys Young Ghosts just released a new single "Desolate", and it rules! Keep an eye on these guys, you will for-sure be hearing a lot more from them in the near future. 


Thats whats up for this week! Look for these blogs to have more content going forward and be A LOT more consistent. 



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