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Hey guys! Sorry for the dat-late blog, yesterday was Mothers Day and I was a little busier than I figured...My bad. Shout-Out to all the Mom's that read this (?) I hope you all had the best day. 

Last Monday, my dude Matt Eaton & his band Chaser came to the shop! This band rules! They are currently recording a few minutes away from the shop, so they stopped in for a little bit of hangs! 

Philly! Bad Rabbits are opening for 311 this summer! I wish I could make it down for this. Go. Party on.

Who wants to fly me out to Slamdunk Fest? We have SO MANY friends playing this festival! 

New song from our buds Violent Obsession! Check it out! 

My dudes The Fiasco, just released a new video for "Rise Again"! Give it a spin and keep an eye on these dudes! 

Lukas Vitullo & his band As Within So Without just released a new song "Earth Mover"! Check it out below! 

Rad, right? Keep an eye on this blog for more info!

Alive Again released a new video! This song, "Last Shot", rules! Give it a spin!


Ken and Giraffes? Giraffes! are back in the studio! 

Ken has a hell-of-a-setup! I can't wait to hear what they come out with next. 

Imagine Dragons are going out on the road this fall, which will no-doubt be EPIC. 

Colin Kocher started a new Instagram series! It's awesome and his kit looks beautiful in it! Give him a follow @colinkocher

Deaf Poets are hitting parts of the USA! Hit a gig! 

Picturesque are hitting the road with the Color Morale this summer! 

Brenden King of Before I Turn, sent this rad still over! It's a sneak peek of their upcoming new video! Keep an eye on the blog for a feature when it drops. 


That's whats up. Go Celtics! (Tonight is game 7.) Cheers! 


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