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So, it's Monday. We got back from Launch a little later than expected yesterday, so I pushed this blog back a day. Sorry if this messes with anybody haha is that even possible in a blog? I don't know. Shout-Out to Mike and Lindsey for having the cutest little baby last week! Welcome to the SJC-Fam Cove! I'm so stoked for you both! 

This past weekend, Zach and I were in Lancaster, PA for the Launch Music Conference! This even is hands-down my favorite thing we get to do. Lancaster rules! HUGE thank you to Josh Lofties for setting up the kits all weekend and making sure everything ran smoothly! Shout-Out to all the speakers and bands that we were able to meet and see play! Merch Cat (www.merchcat.com)was the absolute BEST booth-neighbor, if you are in a touring band and need to keep track of merch-sales, check them out! Carousel Kings, Galactic Empire (coolest thing ever), Dreamer & Son, Stonewall Vessels, and Mermaids Exist were some of my favorite performances of the weekend. I drank so much coffee (shout-out to Buzz & Prince St. Cafe for all the breakfast intake) and ate more burritos than ever! (Roburritos. Just go right now.)

Huge thank you to some of the best people I know, Civil Youth, for all the solid hangs. Without these dudes, we wouldn't know half of the rad spots we went to. Evan and Mike even took over our Saturday update video...and nailed it. Yee.....Come hang at their record release show at the TLA in Philly next month! I juuuuuust may be there. 

Shout-Out to Foxal Productions, Moral Support, Ryan Masters (congrats on the wedding soon!), and all our new buds at CI. Thank you for the raddest weekend. 

Frank Zummo and the Sum-41 dudes shot a new music video last week! Check out this rad sneak peek! Can't wait to see this one. 

Frank was featured in the recent issue of Batterie magazine! Pick it up and dive in! Congrats homie! 

And, because he's the busiest dude ever, Frank was also on a recent episode of the Drum Heads Podcast! Check it out! 

My dude Erik Ross dropped a drum/vocal cover of Vesta Collide's "I Can't Sleep". Check it! 

West Coast: Get out and catch a gig from our boys in Mad Caddies! Todd, maybe come rip a gig in MA? (I'm that guy) I've always wanted to see MC so every time they announce a tour, I get crazy bummed when there is no MA show.

Dustin Murr dropped this super rad play-through of "City In Ashes". Give it a spin!!

Long-Time SJC Fam. Zach Vernon and his band Buildings Like Mountains released a new jam! Keep an eye on this blog for the full video when they drop it! 

Webber Wells released his cover of "HeavyDirtySoul" by TwentyOnePilots! Check it out! 

Mitchell White's band Nu-95 played a show with Sylar and The Color Morale last week! Congrats guys! 


Ps. The Bruins are tied 1-1 in their playoff series with The Senators. 


That's whats up! Cheers! 


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