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Hey guys! Sorry this is a day late, I was a little busier this weekend than I thought I would be. Shout out to the Celtics for killing it in the playoffs so far! If anybody knows Kelly Olynyk, please tell him "Yo, you're Ricky's dude. Keep killing it and maybe think about how rad if the SJC snapchat could go live from court-side seats"...He'll know what I mean.

The Descendents released a new song, and I'm about to blow your mind, IT'S AWESOME! I've probably listened to this song 34x since it dropped last week. This band is so important and if you haven't gotten into them, now is your chance. 

My dude Kc Marotta just released a drumcover of Wage War's "stitch", and it rules! Kc has one of my favorite snares to recently leave the shop! So stoked to have Kc a part of the SJC family and I look forward to more rad covers! 

Hey East Coast, if you don't hit one of these Bad Rabbits gigs this weekend, you really messed up. They have been teasing a new song to drop on Friday, which will no-doubt be fantastic, so get a ticket and go party! 



Shout-Out to our homie Justin Wells & Major Thrill! Check these dudes out on spotify (http://spoti.fi/2pBJvPk) and on Facebook (http://bit.ly/2qmsGIT). 

One of the bands I'm SUPER stoked to catch this summer on Warped Tour, BadCop/BadCop, just released a new song! Thanks to Jason for getting me into these girls, they absolutely rip! 

Please welcome Meghan Herring and Doll Skin to the SJC family! Another band I'm BEYOND stoked to work with! We will be doing a snapchat takeover with Meghan later in the summer during warped tour, more info soon! 

Until then, get into this band and get ready for them to drop their new record "Manic Pixie Dream Girl"! 

Welcome to the Family Meghan! 

I really dig the new sound All Time Low has been working with on the new jams! It's rad seeing this band grow into the musicians they have become. Can't wait to hear the rest of the new songs. 


That's whats up! Cheers! (Go Celtics!)


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