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Sup everybody! 

Couple of things: There is no video this week, just due to being really busy and Josh P JUST getting back from vacation today! They will be back in a few weeks (We won't be at the shop next Monday, so this will probably be a graphic again). Speaking of Josh P, today was his first day working full-time for SJC! Be on the lookout for more update videos, more sound booth videos, and just more rad visual content. Josh will be cleaning up our Youtube page, so get excited for that as well. 

As for the name change to this blog: I have written every single one of these blogs on a Sunday night, while drinking a beer (usually a bottle from Oxbow Brewing or a can from TreeHouse Brewing...check them out!), and watching some form of a game or Jeopardy (or sports Jeopardy!) with my Dad and brother. I love this blog and I love sharing all of your rad videos and pictures with the SJC Family, but it's becoming more difficult to get these done on Sunday nights. I will now be writing this blog on Monday afternoons, which will also allow me to focus a little more on the actual blog, and less on Jeopardy. 

As for the "Tito" part: Do you follow our Snapchat? You should be! Tito Pecan has become kind of a voice for the SJC Snapchat, and I would like to bring a little more "fun" to this blog. Maybe I can share with you guys my favorite beers, new music, Jeopardy questions, or new sneakers I want! Let's have fun with this. 

Now, the real reason you came here! 

Have you caught a show on this tour yet? Real Friends put on one of the best shows in the scene right now! Every dude in this band is a great human, and Brian Blake is probably the nicest guy I've ever met in my life. Go sing-a-long, go jump around, go have a great time. I was looking forward to the June 3rd date in Boston, but I unfortunately won't be able to attend...I have to go to Maine for a bachelor party (sup Oxbow?! sup Allagash?!). I hope all of you go and get down for me! Ps, bring them some coffee! 

Have you guys head of the Drummers Corner Group? Check it out! It's a rad community that likes to showcase the newest members, products, and news in the drum world! https://www.drummerscornergroup.com/

Check out the new jam from our boy Koury Pounds & his band God Of Nothing! You can find "Lorraine" on their new EP "Silent Silhouette"! 

Tom Messenger of Fabrics, sent this rad shot over! This looks like some of the office space at SJC haha You can pretty much touch a full kit from any desk in the shop/office, at any time. 

While we still need to get Tom Gederman behind a full SJC kit, he does own one of my favorite snares! The brass hardware on this walnut satin stain snare POPS! I love it! Check out Tom's band, Pure October, and keep an eye out for (hopefully) his future SJC kit! 

Last night, I was a little excited about that huge Celtics comeback in game 3, that I didn't get a chance to listen to the new Neck Deep jams! This morning, the first thing I did was check it out. I can't wait to hear the rest of this record and see these dudes on the Warped Tour all summer! Check it out! 


So.Rad. I love the fight this team put up last night, even without their best player. You should all just accept the fact that Jaylen Brown is the future, and Kelly Olynyk is a LEGEND. 
The Lillingtons just released new music for the first time in 11 years! Shout-Out to those dudes for bringing it back and releasing a fantastic new track! Welcoem back, buds! 
That's whats up! Cheers! 


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