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Navigator Rack Tom 7x10 (Choose Finish)

Navigator Rack Tom 7x10 (Choose Finish)

$ 269.99

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Custom options at an unmatched price. We brought some of our most popular finishes to a series that anyone could stand (or sit) behind. 7ply North American maple shells outfitted in a variety of unique super satin finishes tied together by our proprietary 45° bearing edges = your complete satisfaction as a drummer.

  • Size: 7x10
  • 7-ply North American Maple Shells w/ double 45 degree bearing edges
  • Ghost Black, Antique White, and Royal Purple
  • Rack Toms include hanging mount, bracket & L-rod Clamp / Floor tom comes with legs
  • Drumheads by Evans

    *Designed in Southbridge, MA & Hand crafted in Taiwan
    *Specs subject to change without notice.
    *Stands & Cymbals sold separately.
    *Shell packs & add ons ship in stock sizes and colors: they cannot be customized