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    Explore the past and define the future...
    Straight out of your grandparents’ basement, the Heirloom kit combines classically custom looks with a warm, vintage tone as if it has been passed down from generation to generation. We’ve outfitted 6-ply hybrid shells made of mahogany, poplar, and maple in our matte Custard Yellow finish that subtly commands your attention. Handcrafted maple reinforcement rings work with our SJC vintage round-over edges to provide a full, punchy attack. The toms feature shallower depths (7.5x13 rack and 14x16 floor), which slightly increase their responsiveness and give the kit a distinct appearance. To top it all off, the kick hoops are finished in zebrawood, which completely brings the set-up full circle. Get behind a kit that will separate you from the pack and make your musical mark for years to come.

    Heirloom 3pc Shell Pack

    $ 1,899.99
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    • Hybrid Mahogany/Maple/Poplar 6ply shells with maple reinforcement rings: 7.5x13, 14x16, 14x24
    • Precision cut and hand honed vintage round-over bearing edges
    • Custard Yellow matte finish
    • Zebrawood kick hoops
    • Chrome SJC Shield Lugs and 2.3mm hoops
    • Wood Heirloom badges
    • Evans Drumheads


    • Handcrafted by the same expert craftsmen at the USA SJC Drums shop
    • Eye catching, durable, vintage aesthetic matte custard finish
    • Hybrid Mahogany/Maple/Poplar shells with maple reinforcement rings for big, open, vintage tone
    • The SJC Vintage Roundover Edge: Honed in over the years, we’ve perfected this edge with the goal of providing you with that round, punchy attack preferred for vintage style kits. Artists such as Daniel Platzman of Imagine Dragons, Frank Zummo of Sum 41, Alex Camarena of Silent Planet Alex Shelnutt of A Day To Remember prefer this edge alongside our handcrafted maple reinforcement rings. With more edge-to-head contact, you’ll be sure to achieve that big and warm sound you seek!
    • Custom quality at an affordable price


    • 3 piece: 7.5x13, 14x16, 14x24


    The Heirloom Kit was designed for the player seeking the perfect embodiment of classic tone and aesthetic with modern craftsmanship and attitude. We looked back in time to the early kits that inspired so many artists before us and chose the essential specifications that would help us achieve that vintage look, feel, and tone that has been held to such a high standard for decades. From the mahogany and re-rings to the custard finish and round-over edges, you’ll feel as though you’re back in time playing timeless grooves with an SJC edge!

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