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  • The Paramount Series is perfect for the modern drummer’s need for affordable, tour-worthy drum that combines an eternally classic aesthetic with smooth, controlled tone.


    • 7-ply North American Maple Shells
    • Double 45 Degree Bearing Edges
    • Walnut Transparent Hi-Gloss Lacquer
    • Chrome SJC Shield Lugs and 2.3mm hoops
    • Evans Drumheads


    • Eternally classic aesthetic with limitless versatility
    • Tried-and-true sizes essential for any playing situation
    • Maple ply shells produce a smooth, controlled tone
    • Beautiful high gloss finish


    The Paramount series was designed for those drummers seeking modern versatility packaged in a classic aesthetic. This series is perfect for playing styles ranging from fusion and pop to country and rock. 7ply North American maple shells, combined with the SJC 45 bearing edge, come together to create a series that will give you control of your tone in the studio or on the stage. With multiple size and configuration options, you’ll command the groove in any playing situation.

    ❝A professional-quality, affordably priced kit designed to exceed nearly any working drummer’s needs.❞ - Modern Drummer magazine

    ❝The three-piece Paramount shell pack is a heck of a deal considering how well they’re made, how sophisticated they look, and how versatile they sound.❞ - Modern Drummer magazine

    ❝The drums look classy and performed as well as any professional-level kit we’ve reviewed. The dark walnut finish is gorgeous and will no doubt stand the test of time as various aesthetic trends come and go. SJC made a smart move by designing a distinct but unobtrusive shield-shaped lug, which is a subtle reminder that these aren’t run-of-the-mill mass-produced drums. Other minor hardware-design details, such as large and plastic-insulated thumbscrews on the tom mounts and spurs and wider-angled floor tom legs, should appeal to drummers who demand a stable, rugged kit that can withstand thousands of setups and teardowns.❞
     - Modern Drummer product close up by Michael Dawson

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    Josh Manuel - ISSUES

    "Right out of the box the Paramount Kit looked beautiful with the classic finish. The maple shells pack a warm and precise punch that's ideal for a studio setup at home. Also the dynamic range I’m able to get out of the kit is great and for its price range I think its a no-brainer!

    Can't Swim

    Andrea Morgan - Can't Swim

    "Working with SJC has been nothing short of amazing. Aside from SJC producing top notch quality drums, their customer service is like no other! Most of the time companies don’t even know your name, let alone care about you as a consumer. SJC on the other hand, wants to make sure they are there to help you find exactly what you need not only as a drummer, but also as an individual. Working with a company like that is extremely rare these days so I cannot express enough how much I appreciate all of the help and hospitality I received from SJC. 

    I am currently playing the Paramount Kit which is absolutely amazing! When I first played on this kit I was amazed! It was like night and day going from my old kit to the Paramount Kit. Not only did I hear the difference in quality, but I also felt what it feels like to play on a professional kit created by a company that knows exactly how to make and craft quality drums. 
    The Paramount Kit is especially perfect for me because it comes with all the sizes of drums I prefer to play on. The kick is 18x22 inches with a powerful punchy sound. It is also extremely responsive with the bounce back of the beater against the head so it is great for doubles on a single pedal. The rack tom is 8x12 and the floor tom is 16x16 giving you those nice dynamic (semi) deeper tom tones.
    The Paramount Kit is a great fit. Not only because I love the sizes and the sound of it, but also because it looks great! The walnut finish will go with any setting and any genre you play. If you play hard hitting music around the country like myself, be sure to know, it can take the beating and still look great. 
    Again, I cannot thank SJC enough for their amazing help and hospitality when looking for a professional kit at an affordable cost. To end with a drum pun, the Paramount Kit really is a huge bang for your buck!"

    Sean Fitzgerald - The Darren Bessette Band

    "Choose your stage! For me, it's in the studio and on the road with The Darren Bessette Band. Countless gig dates with my Tour Series Kit found me needing a second kit for the studio recording for my independent clients when I come off the road. With the introduction of the Paramount, it was only natural to give this affordable little powerhouse a shot. Let me tell you, Sure, it looks incredible, sure, it's priced great, sure it comes with amazing hardware appointments but when I hit them....WOW! How else can a drummer express pure joy? WOW!!! That's how! After a while, they only sound like WOW! Wow LL Wow RR Wow L R....Do you get the point, right? Once you lay into these babies, you just can't stop. They feel like butter, from soft notes to slammin', hard ones! Tonally consistent, easy, spot-on tuning and under the microphones, that North American maple just sings soooooo nice. Who needs other instruments? The Detail of the hardware and professional to the last!! Now my biggest problem is deciding whether to continue using the SJC Tour Series Kit Or the Paramount?!?!?! Maybe I'll combine both and go HUGE LOL. Absolutely, worth every cent fellow drummers!!!"

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