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    Each specification that goes into building our drums make them unique tonally and cosmetically. We use only the finest materials and methods to ensure our drums are unparalleled in quality. With seemingly endless ways to customize them, you can truly design your drums to be an extension of your personality. We know that your SJC drum kit or snare drum will last a lifetime and turn heads from any stage.


    vintage throwoff


    The Vintage Throw Off is a simple lateral style throw of that is smooth and easy to operate.

    trick throwoff


    The Trick GS007 is the standard throw off on all of our Custom Order snare drums. Extremely smooth lever action makes this a staple of the drum industry.

    snare wires

    snare wires

    20 Strand

    20 strand snare wires are standard on all of our snare drums. 20 strand snare wires allow a great mix of shell tone and snare wire snap. These are great for all-purpose snare drums.

    snare bed

    snare bed

    Snare Bed

    All of our snare drums have snare beds in the bottom bearing edge of the shell. These carved depressions are on either end of the snare wires, allowing them to sit flat when tightened to prevent buzz and make it easy to keep your resonant snare head in tune.


    heavy duty spur

    Heavy Duty Spur

    Our Heavy Duty Bass Drum Spur is standard on all Custom Order drum kits. These are sturdy and include twist and pull spring loaded feet so you can hide or expose the spur anchor with incredible speed and simplicity.


    mounting mount

    SJC Hanging Mount

    We offer hanging mounts for your rack toms that match your kit’s hardware. These hanging mounts all come equipped with our SJC branded low profile brackets that will mount to any 10.5mm rod. Many of our drummers prefer to mount their rack toms on snare stands which works especially well on deeper than usual rack toms and toms with Butcher Hoops.
    *Hanging mounts are not compatible on drums with Butcher Hoops.

    SJC Bracket

    Our own SJC branded brackets for floor tom legs and hanging mounts are sized for 10.5mm legs and rods. These are lower profile to reduce the mass added to the drums.


    heads tom and snare batter heads

    Tom & Snare Batter Heads

    Our standard batter side tom and snare head is the Evans G2 Coated head. With 2-plies of 7mil film these heads offer superior focus and depth. Evans 360 technology ensures heads fit consistently to make tuning easier and more stable.

    heads tom resonant heads

    Tom Resonant Heads

    Our Standard resonant head on our toms is the Evans Genera Resonant. These head pair perfectly with 2-ply batter heads and produce great sustain and projection.

    heads snare resonant heads

    Snare Resonant Heads

    Our standard snare side head is the Evans 300. With a single layer of 3mil film, this resonant head offers even, versatile tone halfway between dark and bright.

    heads bass drums batter heads

    Bass Drum Batter Heads

    All of our bass drums 20” and larger come with the Evans EMAD2 batter head. This 2-ply batter head with the Evans EMAD damping ring offer superior attack and punch while being incredibly durable.

    Our 18” bass drums come with Evans EQ4 Clear batter heads to help these small bass drums breathe a little. These heads offer a strong punch that doesn’t choke the drum.

    heads bass drum resonant heads

    Bass Drum Resonant Heads

    All of our resonant bass drum heads are single ply with a fixed internal overtone control ring that helps focus the tone of our bass drums, making them sound massive and punchy.

    6" Hole

    We offer a 6” reinforced bass drum hole in your resonant bass drum head making using a microphone for recording and live use more convenient. Adding a hole also allows more air to escape the drum resulting in decreased low end punch and sustain acoustically. We recommend no hole if you’re not mic’ing your bass drum often, as the drum resonates much better without.



    At SJC we offer a gamut of stains, wraps and veneers to help give your dream drums character. We use only the finest finishes to ensure they look stellar day in and day out, as well as survive the rigors of the road. Your drums will be sure to catch the eye from any stage.

    // Shell & Hoops
    // Hardware
    // Badges
    finishes shells and hoops

    Shells & Hoops

    // Stain // Veneer // Glitter Wrap
    // Solid Wrap // Pearl Wrap // Ripple Wrap

    // Satin //Hi Gloss

    *Visit our Finishes Gallery to view finish types and colors.

    finishes hardware


    // Chrome // Brass // Black Nickel
    //Black // White
    // Powder Coated - Endless color options.

    finishes badges


    // Chrome
    // Brass
    // wood



    SJC Shield Lug

    Our proprietary diecast Shield Lug is the standard lug we use on all of our drums. They offer better tuning stability and adjustability than tube lugs. We also designed these without springs to keep them quiet when you’re in the studio.
    *Lugs can be aligned vertically or at a 50% offset.


    // 2.3MM
    // 3.0MM
    // Standard Claw-Style
    // Superply   // Butcher

    2.3MM Metal

    2.3mm triple-flanged steel hoops are the most popular type of tom hoops we use. They encourage open and long sustain.
    *Excludes bass drum.

    3.0MM Metal

    We use 3.0mm triple-flanged steel hoops on our custom snares because the increased thickness offers a slightly more focused attack as well as better durability.
    *Snares only.

    Standard Claw-style Wood Hoops

    Our Claw-style wood hoops give you a custom look with a vintage flavor. These wood hoops are lightweight and encourage a softer, warmer tone on toms and snares.

    Superply Wood Hoops

    Our Superply wood hoops help increase focus and shorten the attack of the drum head. They also give a unique look to your custom drums. We craft 36 ply tom and snare Superply hoops and 44 ply bass drum Superply hoops.

    Butcher Wood Hoops

    Our Butcher wood hoops feature wood ply collars that hide the lugs on a drum shell, creating a unique and custom look. These hoops feature increased focus and softer attack similar to our Superply hoops. We craft 42 ply tom and snare Butcher wood hoops and 52 ply bass drum Butcher wood hoops.


    // Maple
    // Birch
    // Steel
    // Hybrid
    // Mahogany
    // Aluminum
    // Acrylic


    An all-purpose wood shell type that produces even highs and mids with smooth lows. Maple is one of the most popular tonewoods in drum making for it’s versatility, resonance, attack, and body.



    Smooth and rich midrange with warm lows. Mahogany is a very resonant wood type with a vintage tone character.



    Bright highs with punchy low end. Birch is a dense tonewood that cuts through the mix with crisp top end and slightly scooped mids.



    Crisp and dry tone with increased volume. Aluminum typically has a shorter sustain than other metal shell types and cuts through mixes with ease.
    * Only Available for Snare Drums



    Bright tone with a resonant sustain. Crisp highs, colorful overtones and increased volume help steel snare drums penetrate through any mix.
    * Only Available for Snare Drums



    Strong attack and presence, with even highs, mids and lows. Acrylic produces a more focused tone than wood shell types, often described as a dry sound.



    Our hybrid shells combine pieces of wood with acrylic to create a very unique look to your custom kit. These shells have a duller tone than all wood shells and tend to exhibit many of the characteristics of the shell type and the bearing edges

    bearing edges
    // SJC 45
    // Vintage Roundover


    SJC 45

    The standard SJC 45 degree bearing edge allows our shells to produce more sustain with added brightness and attack.

    vintage roundover

    Vintage Roundover

    Our vintage roundover bearing edge gives a warmer tone and softer attack. This edge is popular on vintage-inspired drums. The vintage roundover has a rounded outer and head contact point with 30 degree inner edge.

    reinforcement rings

    reinforcement rings


    Re-rings add plies to the inner bearing edges of our shells. This option adds mass and strength to the bearing edge and the shell as well as adds body to the tone. The pitch of a shell can raise slightly with re-rings installed.

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