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  • Apollo Brass Snare

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    Apollo Black Nickel Over Brass custom snare drums are fully assembled in the SJC Drums factory in Massachusetts, USA. Every single drum is tuned and tested to ensure  it leaves the shop exhibiting the highest quality in both sound and construction. Every single custom SJC drum ships ready to play right  out of the box.

    Responsive and warm, the Apollo Black Nickel Over Brass shell exhibits a rich tone that is widely-sought by drummers of multiple styles. With sensitive, metallic highs and plenty of low end attack the Apollo cuts through any mix with ease. Harness unparalleled sonic authority and versatility with the Apollo.

             NAME ORIGIN         
    Apollo was one of the most complex Greek deities and is recognized as the god of music. We felt this name was perfect for one of our most musical snare drums. The 1.0mm brass shell shimmers with complex, rich tone that is revered by drummers everywhere.

              WHY THE APOLLO          
    • Warm, responsive and balanced tone
    • Widely-sought versatility across any style
    • Custom built to order with any SJC hardware combination
    • Available in two sizes for maximum customizability

    • Available in 7x14 and 8x14
    • 1.0mm Rolled Brass Shell
    • Polished Black Nickel Finish
    • Chrome HW - CLICK HERE TO CONTACT JASON TO ORDER WITH DIFFERENT HARDWARE COLORS (non-chrome HW includes 10% up-charge)
    • 3.0mm Hoops
    • Chrome SJC Quick Drop Throw Off
    • Evans USA G2 Coated Batter Head
    • Evans USA Snare Side 300 Resonant Head
    • Assembled in USA

    *Specs subject to change without notice.

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