Mirror Chrome 3pc Kit

Mirror Chrome 3pc Kit

$ 1,949.99

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  • 8x12 Maple M5
  • 14x16 Birch 6ply
  • 17x22 Maple "Tri-brid"
  • Mirror Chrome Laminate *some scratches, blemishes, and fingerprints*
  • Chrome hardware
  • SJC Shield lugs
  • 2.3mm hoops
  • Black stain hoops

*mirror chrome laminate attracts dust & fingerprints*

The YARD SALE is home to drums made from extra or blemished parts that may have minor defects that do NOT affect playability. We've significantly reduced prices on these items in order for customers to get unique, quality drums at an affordable price!

*Crafted in Massachusetts
*All Sales Final