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  • Element Aluminum Snare

    $ 599.99

    Element Aluminum snare drums are fully assembled in the SJC Drums factory in Massachusetts, USA. The aluminum shell embodies an absolutely massive sound .

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    Element Aluminum Custom snare drums are fully assembled in the SJC Drums factory in Massachusetts, USA. Every single drum is tuned and tested to make sure they leave the shop sounding incredible and ready to play out of the box. 

    "I have been a drummer for over 20 years, and this is by far my favorite snare I have ever come across! Straight out of the box, the snare had a great sound. Aluminum has the bite of steel, but less overtones and more body. I can tell this snare would be great for live or studio applications depending on what kind of heads you want to use. This snare is also versatile in the fact that you could use it in different styles of music. Ghost notes come through great for jazz or funk players, and you can bash away on it for rock/metal/punk. And don't get me started on the visual aspects of this drum! We all know that the guys at SJC make beautiful drums, and this one is no exception. The hardware that comes on the snare is fantastic too. The throw off is smooth, and SJC's shield lugs and triple-flanged hoops will keep your drums in tune. I am a hard hitter, but I rarely have to tune my SJC drums. I can't go on enough about this snare or SJC in general. Do yourself a favor and order this snare!" - Matt G.

    The Element snare shell features thick 2.5mm raw aluminum with reinforcement rings to yield maximum tuning stability and powerful tone. With a crisp, shorter sustain and huge projection, the Element is becoming a favorite among SJC artists. The aluminum shell embodies an absolutely massive sound that does not let up when you really push it!

             NAME ORIGIN         
    We chose the name "Element" as we believe that the tone of this snare is so universal in application, the snare is almost "elemental" to your collection. There is no style that this aluminum shell can not handle! From pop to metal, you'll feel completely at home with the Element snare.

              WHY THE TITAN          
    • Aluminum shell with reinforcement rings creates tonal stability
    • Powerful projection with crisp, shorter sustain
    • Custom built to order with any SJC hardware combination
    • Available in three sizes for maximum customizability

    • Available in 6.5x14 and 7x14
    • 2.5mm Solid Aluminum Shell w/ Solid Aluminum Reinforcement Rings
    • Brushed Aluminum Finish
    • Chrome HW (non-chrome HW includes 10% up-charge)
    • 3.0mm Hoops
    • Chrome SJC Quick Drop Throw Off
    • Evans USA G2 Coated Batter Head
    • Evans USA Snare Side 300 Resonant Head
    • Assembled in USA


    *Specs subject to change without notice.


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