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🔥SALE!💰 Foundation X - Single Bass Pedal

🔥SALE!💰 Foundation X - Single Bass Pedal

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Designed for playability and functionality, the Foundation X pedals exhibit effortless action at any adjustment. Simplicity comes together with high-end components to create a completely smooth and responsive movement through each kick. The unique aesthetic of these pedals and ergonomic features produce the ultimate sense of control and comfort.

    Specs & Features:

    • Double chain cam drive provides a solid and responsive feel
    • White wingnuts that are easily visible at dark gigs/performances
    • Stabilizer plate with velcro underneath keeps your pedal securely in place
    • Independently adjustable beater angle and pedalboard height
    • Drum and hex key holder on stabilizer plate keep your tools close
    • Dual surface smoked black acrylic beater optimized for perfect attack
    • Includes padded carrying bag