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  • LTD EDT Custom UFO Drum

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    Choose from 4 unique finishes with 3 hardware choices! Black, white, turquoise and red pearl with the option of chrome, flat black, or brass hardware!

    The UFO is a shallow gong drum that has the punch of a bass drum with a quick decay to be the perfect accent for drummers looking for something a little different than an electronic bass drop. The UFO is lightweight and features a 10.5mm bracket to mount onto an L-rod for easy integration into your set up. This auxiliary drum is for the drummer who loves to explore different sounds and strives for versatility with their setup.

    • 4x20 Maple Ply Shell
    • Choose from black, white, turquoise or red pearl finishes
    • Choose from chrome, flat black, or brass hardware
    • Bracket-on-shell (fits 10.5mm L-rod*)
    • Evans EMAD2 Batter Head
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