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  • Tour Series Kit 4 PC | Golden Ochre Satin

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    The Tour Series kit is proudly handcrafted by the same expert drum builders that bring the custom drums you know and love to life in Massachusetts, USA. We use the same quality materials and techniques as we do on our custom creations. From the initial shell preparation to final assembly, the SJC manufacturing process has been continuously refined over the last 17 years. All Tour kits and snares are crafted with ply shells that embody resonant and sonically rich tone. Our bearing edges are precision cut and hand honed to ensure your drums resonate and stay in tune perfectly. Every single drum is carefully inspected and tested to guarantee it leaves the shop meeting the highest level of quality. We build these in batches to keep these USA drums affordable, keeping the working musician in mind.

    "I've been so accustomed to playing larger sized kits for the past 10 years that I totally forgot how much kick and punch a standard size kit packs. The 12" and 16" toms really cut through the mix which is great for me in ETID, especially songs that are more up tempo with a lot of fills. And the 22" kick makes it easy to shred on those quick punk licks without losing low end and punch! I know now why these sizes come standard. I don't think I can ever go back to my 24" kick or my 14" rack. The SJC Tour Series Kit has got me for good!" - Clayton "Goose" Holyoak, Every Time I Die

    Designed for the drummer seeking superior versatility in both tone and aesthetic, the Tour Series kit is the ultimate embodiment of all things SJC. Handcrafted by experts with maple ply shells in our most popular sizes and with the ability to choose 9 different finish combinations, we’ve synthesized quality and identity into the ideal setup for any player in any setting. Rich in both attack and resonance, the Tour Series will give you the platform to truly develop your sound and take it on the road.

    WHY THE TOUR SERIES          
    • Handcrafted at the SJC shop in MA
    • 9 finish combinations to choose from
    • Maple ply shells optimized for attack and resonance
    • Custom quality at an affordable price

    • 3 piece: 8x12, 16x16, 18x22
    • 4 piece: 7x10, 8x12, 16x16, 18x22
    • Available Add-on Floor Toms: 14x14, 16x18 - Click HERE
    • 6-ply Maple Toms, 8-ply Maple Bass Drum
    • Golden Ochre Satin Stain
    • Choice of Chrome, Brass or Flat Black Hardware
    • Rack Toms include hanging mount & bracket
    • 2.3mm Hoops
    • Evans USA G2 Coated Tom Batter, Genera Resonant Heads
    • Evans USA E-MAD2 Bass Batter, EQ4 Calftone Bass Resonant Head
    • Handcrafted in the USA


               SJC FAMILY USING THE TOUR KIT          
      David Sandström - Refused 

      Cameron Losch - Born of Osiris
      Bruno Ufret - Beebs and Her Money Makers,
      Stephen Arango - Traitors
      Michael Cisterna - True North
      Lance Internicola - Firecracker
      Aaron Kitcher - Infant Annihilator
      Cory Beaver - The New Low
      Ken Topham - GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES! 

      *Specs subject to change without notice.
      *Hardware, Cymbals, and Snare sold separately.




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      Customer Reviews

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