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  • UFO - Chrome Hardware

    $ 299.99

    The UFO is a shallow gong drum that has the punch of a bass drum. SJC hand made quality goes into every 4x20 drum, getting drummers playing at their best .

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    “I added the UFO drum to my tour rig, It's one of the coolest sounding effect drums I've ever owned! If you haven't seen what this thing looks like, do yourself a favor and check it out on SJC's website, it's like a spaceship of pure bass! The tone is heavy, like an 808 but with "slap" in the attack. I use this drum mostly for huge single hits, typically accompanied with the floor tom. I highly recommend the Navigator kit & UFO drum, especially together!!” - Jared Easterling (Fir For A King)

    The UFO is a shallow gong drum that has the punch of a bass drum with a quick decay to be the perfect accent for drummers looking for something a little different than an electronic bass drop. The UFO is lightweight and features a 10.5mm bracket to mount onto an L-rod for easy integration into your set up. This auxiliary drum is for the drummer who loves to explore different sounds and strives for versatility with their setup. 

    • 4x20 Maple Ply Shell
    • Black Satin Stain
    • Shield Lugs
    • Bracket-on-shell (fits 10.5mm L-rod*)
    • Claw Style Wood Hoop
    • Evans EMAD2 Batter Head
    • Chrome Hardware
    • 8 Weeks Lead Time

    *L-rod, stands, cymbals & drum kit not included

    SJC Family using the UFO:

    Sheel Davé - Bad Rabbits
    Jared Easterling - Fit For A King

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