What is SJC's Mission Statement?
  • Check out SJC's Mission Statement HERE

How do I get a quote?
  • Please fill out the QUOTE FORM to get an accurate quote!

How do I place an order?
  • Please check out our ORDERING/QUOTE form page to submit your dream kit for a quote and/or place an order! We will be in touch soon after with an accurate price and we can pull the trigger on the order from there!
  • You can also purchase drums at our SHOP page, which features In Stock / Series / Signature / Private Stock drums.
  • We also now carry GIFT CARDS. These are a great gift for any special event! 

Do you have any dealers?
  • We work direct sales throughout the USA and Canada, but have several dealers overseas. Please check out our international DEALERS page for more information.

How do your endorsements work?
  • All endorsement requests are run through our internal analytics, which are based on key information. Please simply fill in all fields through our form on our ENDORSEMENTS page, and we will contact you with more information! *Please do not call re: endorsements.

Do you offer a warranty on your drums?
  • We cover the original purchaser with everything on the drums a top to bottom warranty except due to negligence and normal wear & tear. We stand behind our product 110% and strive to exceed expectations in quality and customer service, so if you need anything, we're just a phone call away. We're a small family run company, and we take care of our family of artists. We know what it's like to be on the road. We're there to take care of you and make your experience and relationship with SJC unforgettable and easy. We are always going "outside the box" and the extra mile to make sure your expectations are surpassed. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or needs with your drums.

    What is your turnaround time?
    • Our turnaround time is approximately 12-16 weeks for all custom orders.
    • While the turnaround time is an estimate, it may be sooner or slightly longer, depending on the nature of the drums. Please note this when ordering and reference our TERMS AND SERVICES page re: our balance payment requirements.

    How much is shipping and handling?
    • Shipping in the contiguous USA is usually a 3-5 day ground transit time. All packages are fully insured, and tracking is available for all customers. Pricing varies on the size of the drums, and all calculations are based within a carrier-calculated checkout feature. You can choose which service you would like, and it will charge you the rate accordingly.
    • Please note that our S&H prices include the packing, shipping and insurance on your drums. your drums. S&H charges do not include duties, taxes, import delivery fees, or any other fees associated with shipping domestic or international.

      Do you ship internationally?
      • Yes, we ship WORLDWIDE! Please CONTACT us with your full intended shipping details and we'll work out an accurate quote before or after ordering!
      • Please note shipping internationally may incur import taxes and charges which are the responsibility of the customer.
      • Be sure to check out our international DEALERS near you! 

      Will you send me samples?
      • If you'd like to see some of the finishes we offer, head over to the SPECS page. If you'd like to see these samples in person before ordering your drum, just send us your mailing address, the colors and type of finish you're interested in, and we'll send them right out! *Please note that custom samples (of an exact custom desired color etc.) will be charged accordingly.

        Do you offer color matching?
        • We strive to offer unlimited color options for your drums. Exact pantone color matching may not be possible due to the variances in printing, paints, and different materials. We will get as close to any color you are trying to match (i.e.: favorite shoes, shirt, etc.) as possible but cannot guarantee an exact color match due to these variances.

          Do you tune your drums before shipping?
          • Yes, every drum that we make gets tuned and briefly hit to ensure it sounds as good as it can.

            I am interested in seeing your shop, can I come check it out?
            • At this time, we are only allowing customers interested in placing an order or picking up an order to visit our offices and showroom.

              Do you have any After Care / Maintenance tips for my kit/snare?
              • Yes, please check out the AFTERCARE page for more information!

              Can I change my mind on my drums after I order?
              • Once your custom kit is ordered, we order all the parts and materials necessary to make your kit. Therefore we cannot allow any changes after you place and confirm your order.

                Do you have a return policy?
                • We do not have a return policy. Since our drums are custom made, we make what the customer orders. There will be no returns accepted.

                   Do you have backline for your artists?
                  • Yes, we have Backline worldwide. Check out our BACKLINE page for more details

                    Can you offer a matching add on drum for my current SJC kit or if I want to add drums in the future?
                    • Yes, we can do add on drums, no problem. Because of color matching and making sure that all the hardware, screws, washers, etc. are 100% perfect, we require that you send back 1 of your drums for us to have in shop and physically match with the add on. The costs of sending back must be handled on the customers end. We will take each order on a case by case basis, but there may be additional fees for custom colors, etc. If you are ordering a new kit, please let us know if you will be ordering another add on tom or snare in the future, so we can make detailed notes on your order when it is placed. Since most of our finishes are custom made, we strongly suggest ordering all the drums you want at once so that everything matches 100%, especially on stains.

                      Does SJC Drums offer refurbs?
                      • At this time, we do not offer refurbishments on old kits or non SJC kits / snares. We stand behind our own product 110% from start to finish and use our own, unique building methods, that may not be compatible with other companies out there. If you think you do not have the budget for a full new SJC kit, fill out our QUOTE FORM. You may be surprised!

                        Are seams/patches on my wrap kit normal?
                        • Depending on the finish, there will be seams/patches on your wrap drums. All wrap toms have 1 seam, located in the back. On glitters / sparkles / pearls / diamonds / ripples / custom wraps, you will have a small patch on the 18" drum (in the back) and also a patch at the bottom of your kick drum (20" and up). These patches create 2 seams, but rest assured, they are located in the back / on the bottom of your drums, so they are not easily visible, and are durable.

                          Can I custom order parts or custom hoops/components (i.e.: Butcher hoops, Chop Blocks) from you directly?
                          • No, we do not offer parts for sale, nor do we offer custom made wood hoops for non SJC Drums. These hoops require specific hardware layout / placement in order for them to be compatible with the shells.

                            What if I can't afford a Kit or Snare from SJC?
                            • If you are working with a limited budget, we have a few programs (ie: Paypal Bill Me Later, etc.) listed HERE which can assist in allowing a payment program / financing.
                            • We are always willing with discuss drums within you budget, so if you have any questions, please CONTACT us.

                              How come I haven't received a response from you?
                              • We answer every message within 24-48 hours. We pride ourselves on our quick and unrivaled customer service. If you have not received a response within 24-48 hours, please send the email again or give us a call as the message may have been sent to spam. (If message sent on a weekend, please allow a response until the following weekday, though we do frequently check emails throughout the weekend.)
                              • If there is a long lull in reply from anyone here at SJC Drums, there may be an issue with our contact. Please CALL us if this is the case, so we can address the issue and also answer any questions you might have!