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      Checking in from Dudley, MA!

      • by Mike Ciprari
      Friday April 10, 2020
      Checking in from Dudley, MA!
      Phew.. What a year it's been so far. We kicked off 2020 celebrating our 20th Anniversary (thank you everyone for your unending support - we're here for/with you!) & a great NAMM show! Then kaboom - here we are in the midst of many unknowns due to COVID-19.

      We've been staying busy here nonetheless! We just launched some great stuff, including: Pre orders on Pathfinders (new color too!), Bandito.. We launched the ability to order custom with just a 10% deposit AND new pricing! Lots of live streams (thank you to all the SJC family for joining us on these!! so fun) and just announced a 2x week live stream with our friends at Smartpunk Records and we'll be giving away some custom Vans during those live streams!

      We've got limited QTY of the Cans & Paramount drums left, so if you've been thinking about grabbing one, now is the time! Lots of product ideas stewing here as always, and we're using this time to strategize more than ever!

      What are YOU doing during this time? We hope you, your family and friends are safe & healthy, and you're able to use this time to reconnect with loved ones, yourselves, and hone in on your craft! Be sure to tag us @sjcdrums #sjcdrums with what you're up to during this time! And as always - if you have any questions, comments, feedback, ideas, anything - we're here for you!

      Hit me up anytime: mike@sjcdrums.com

      As always: Thank you to the all the health care professionals working on the front lines, all the essential workers allowing us to continue living our lives albeit while staying at home - we wouldn't have the necessities to even do that if these courageous people weren't getting up every day and continuing their work, so THANK YOU to them a thousand times over.

      I also want to give a shout out and thank you to the incredible SJC staff who continue to be flexible and understanding with the changing environment we are going through as a small business.

      Thank you all for your support of SJC! We appreciate it so much!

      Stay positive
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