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    What happened to In Stock Drums?

    We decided to remove the In Stock section of the website in order to simplify the purchasing process and shopping experience for our customers. We noticed that our continuous addition of drums weekly made it difficult to make a decision and almost got in the way of customers getting what they truly want in a custom SJC kit/snare. Any drum you saw on In Stock can be re-created as a custom order for the same price! We will be coming out with bigger and better options in the future so stay tuned!


    How do I place an order?


    We've removed our old quote form as the Virtual Kit Designer has taken its place! Quotes are valid for 30 days.

    Visit our VIRTUAL KIT DESIGNER to design, mock up & buy custom creations.

    Visit our SHOP page for in stock drums.

    Average turnaround time for all custom orders roughly 14 weeks after payment and order approval depending on the specs. *Subject to change based on inventory availability and manufacturing. Each drum is one of a kind custom made to your spec. We have strict quality procedures that the drum must meet at each step of the process.

    Standard series drums generally ship within 5-10 business days from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted.

    The shipping price you are given does not include duties, taxes, import delivery fees, or any other fees associated with shipping (domestic or international)

    MA residents are required to pay 6.25% Sales Tax. CA residents are required to pay the appropriate CA County and State taxes depending on their billing address location.

    Every order is custom made to your specifications, therefore all sales are final and no returns or exchanges are accepted. If a custom order with a deposit must be canceled, the deopsit will be forfeited.

    Merch & apparel sales final - no returns or exchanges, recipient responsible for all duties & taxes if applicable

    Do you offer a warranty with your drums?


    Yes, SJC does offer a limited warranty on all newly purchased USA made drums. Visit http://www.sjcdrums.com/pages/warranty for terms & conditions of our warranty or to submit a claim.

    Can I order Butcher Hoops for my kit if it's not an SJC kit?

    We cannot make Butcher Hoops for non SJC Drums. These hoops require specific hardware layout / placement in order for them to be compatible with the shells.

    Can I change my mind on my drums after I order?

    Once your custom kit is ordered, we order all the parts and materials necessary to make your kit, therefore we cannot allow you to change your mind after you place your order.

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we ship WORLDWIDE! Please email us with your full shipping details and we'll work out an accurate quote!

    Please note shipping internationally may incur import taxes and charges which are out of our hands.

    What if I can't afford a Kit or Snare from SJC?

    TELL US! We're all about working around budgets as best we can to make it work for you. We'll do our best to make it happen! We also offer traditional payment plans and financing for qualified applicants.

    WATCH OUT FOR: Butcher Hoops, Superply Hoops, Veneers, LEDs as these are very expensive options due to the labor and materials that go into such customizations.

    *Any lugs aside from our Shield Lugs will also result in an up-charge

    Traditional Payments (Custom Orders Only):
    25% down, 25% 7 weeks later, and then the balance must be paid before the order ships. You can pay the 50% or even full balance up front as well. We will not begin to build the order until the initial 50% has been paid. We take Credit Card, PayPal, bank wires, and checks.

    Need more than 14 weeks to pay the kit off? Let us know! We can work with you to schedule out the build around a payment timeframe that works for you!

    *We will hold your drums for 30 days after the final payment due date. After 30 days, you will forfeit your deposit.


    Affirm During the checkout process, you provide some basic information and get instant approval to split your purchase into 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments with rates from 10-30% APR.

    Does Affirm perform a credit check?

    Affirm does a credit check to verify your identity and provide you with a financing offer when you sign up. This is a ‘soft’ credit check and will not impact your credit score. If you choose to complete a purchase and finance it with AffirmAffirm will do a single ‘hard’ credit check when your first order is processed by the merchant. This may have a minor impact on your credit score. For future purchases with Affirm, they won’t need to check your credit again.

    Why was I prompted to pay a down payment with a debit card?

    Affirm tries hard to approve every purchase but sometimes can’t approve the full amount. When this happens, they provide a debit card down payment option so that you may still complete your purchase right away.


    FuturePay - During the checkout process, you provide some basic information and get instant approval so you don’t have to pay for your purchases immediately, instead, pay for all of your purchases at the end of the month. 

    Who can apply to FuturePay? Legal U.S. residents 18 years or older can apply. (Alabama and Nebraska residents must be at least 19 years old.)

    You can apply while making a purchase at participating online stores. To apply, you only need to enter your name, birthdate, address and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, along with a contact email address. Subject to credit approval, this process takes only seconds after which you can complete your purchase.

    Payments Breakdown:

    All FuturePay account balances $999.99 or less have a monthly minimum of $25.00 (which does include the $5 fee for every $500 per month on a tab) and all accounts $1000.00 or greater have a monthly minimum of $60.00 (which includes the $5 fee for every $500 per month on a tab)

    Custom Orders

    Will you re-make an artist kit?

    Yes, we can re-make any kit you see on our website! HOWEVER, we can't include the logos of the artist/band.

    Can you offer a matching add-on drum for my current SJC kit or if I want to add drums in the future?

    Yes, we can do add on drums, no problem. Because of color matching and making sure that all the hardware, screws, washers, etc. are 100% perfect, we require that you send back 1 of your drums for us to have in shop and physically match with the add on. The costs of sending back must be handled on the customers end. We will take each order on a case by case basis, but there may be additional fees for custom colors, etc. If you are ordering a new kit, please let us know if you will be ordering another add on tom or snare in the future, so we can make detailed notes on your order when it is placed. Since most of our finishes are custom made, we strongly suggest ordering all the drums you want at once so that everything matches 100%, especially on stains.

    *We can't sell individual drums in hopes to build a custom kit over time, it must be purchased complete.

    Please note:
    If you are thinking about adding on any pieces to your order in the future, we strongly recommend you add them on at the time of the initial order for color matching and price purposes. To match colors in the future, we will need to get one of the drums sent back to us.

    We may have additional suggestions to the specs on your order as we begin building. We will contact you if we think something may work better than what is on the spec sheet. We cannot guarantee that we can match all finishes or wraps 100%

    Do you offer color matching?

    We strive to offer unlimited color options for your drums. Exact pantone color matching may not be possible due to the variances in printing, paints, and different materials. We will get as close to any color you are trying to match (i.e.: favorite shoes, shirt, etc.) as possible but cannot guarantee an exact color match due to these variances.

    If you have any specific questions, please contact us directly.

    Drum Building

    Will SJC refurbish my old kit?

    At this time, we do not offer refurbishments on old kits or non-SJC kits / snares. We stand behind our own product 110% from start to finish and use our own, unique building methods, that may not be compatible with other companies out there. If you think you do not have the budget for a full new SJC kit, submit a quote! You may be surprised!

    Are seams/patches on my wrap kit normal?

    Depending on the finish, there will be seams/patches on your wrap drums. All wrap toms have 1 seam, located in the back. On glitters / sparkles / pearls / diamonds / ripples / custom wraps, you will have a small patch on the 18" drum (in the back) and also a patch at the bottom of your kick drum (20" and up). These patches create 2 seams, but rest assured, they are located in the back / on the bottom of your drums, so they are not easily visible, and are durable. The reason there are patches are due to the fact that the wraps print in 54" sheets that require us to cut it a certain way to fully cover the drums.

    If I get a Wrap or Veneer finish on my kit or snare, will it bubble over time?

    All Wraps and Veneers are custom applied by hand to ensure the quality is impeccable before the shipment of your drums. However Wraps and Veneers are not invincible to extreme heat, humidity and sunlight. We STRONGLY advise the following to avoid any complications with your finishes :

    • Keep the drums in a climate / AC controlled environment when possible.
    • Do not leave the drums in direct sunlight or exposed heat for long durations of time. (Try cover them up with a heat reflective blanket if playing outside!)
    • Try and keep the drums out of extreme humidity.

    If you are having issues with this, please email us immediately.


    What does SJC stand for?

    "SJC" stands for Scott J. Ciprari, co-founder of SJC Drums.

    How do I learn more about the specifications of your drums?

    Visit our SPECIFICATIONS page to learn about what we use to make our USA drums

    Are all the drummers listed on your artist page endorsed by SJC?

    We are one big happy family. While we do have different levels of endorsements, we do consider anyone playing SJC endorsed! We like to display all the drummers who have purchased an SJC kit or snare to show the world their set up and band.

    With so many artists under SJC's wing, how can SJC take care of me too?

    We pride ourselves on making drums for some of the worlds most reputable artists, spanning over numerous ages and genres, however we constantly strive to be able to take care of anyone with an SJC kit. We have the resources, knowledge and man-power to cater for anyone who flies the SJC flag and will always strive to ensure that customer support and satisfaction are never jeopardized. If you're unsure if SJC can cater for you, email us! We'll get right back to you and make sure you're a valued and important customer from the get go!

    What makes SJC Drums stand out?

    SJC Custom Drums is a custom drum company started in 2000 by two brothers out of Massachusetts. The SJC crew pride themselves on the craftsmanship, innovation, customer service and passion for their drums. Offering virtually unlimited options, each kit is custom made to the customers' exact specifications by the skilled craftsmen SJC and backed by our unrivaled customer service. With over a decade of experience and over 1,700 artists, the SJC crew are ready and willing to make your dream drum set come to life.

    We have a skilled group of wood workers, passionate office and A&R team, and in house designers to help design exactly what you're after.

    How come I haven't received a response from you?

    Your questions are important to us and we want to hear from you!

    Use the Contact tab on our Homepage to get in touch with us.

    We answer every single message within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on our quick and unrivaled customer service. If you have not received a response within 24 hours, please send the email again or give us a call as the message may have been sent to spam.

    (If message sent on a weekend, please allow a response until the following weekday, though we do frequently check emails throughout the weekend.)

    Do you have backline for your artists?

    Yes, we have an extensive amount of drums stored around the world for our artists' backline needs.

    Why do my T-rods sometimes fall out?

    When kits and snares are new, they will sometimes take a little time to really seat all their hardware. T-rods can come a little loose, especially if you're a hard hitter. We recommend using lug locks (available at most drum stores) or Screw Tight T-rods. If you're having more issues, please email us.

    Are wood hoops fragile?

    Yes, wood hoops can be very fragile. Revolutionary and Claw style hoops, most of all. On toms and snares, these can take quite a beating if you hit heavy on the rim. Also, transporting these hoops can be something you may want to do with kid gloves on. Be very cautious NOT to pick up by the hoop, as the hoop is rather thin and could snap. Specifically on claw style, where the rabbit cut makes the outer ply that covers the rim, very thin and fragile. All wood hoop drums should be taken care of with extreme caution, as to not damage your new drums.

    Will my drums arrive assembled?

    All SJC Drums that are handcrafted in the USA are fully assembled, fine tuned and tested before they ship from our factory. Due to the rigors of shipping, your drums may need a little adjustment to the tuning upon arrival but aside from that, you should be ready to rock!

    How do I replace and tune my heads?

    With the head sitting flat on the bearing edge of the shell, place the drum hoop over the collar of the head and finger tighten the tension rods into the lugs. Using a drum key, slowly tighten a tension rod a half turn then move to the next in a star pattern (moving from one tension rod directly across to the next) in an even and slow manner until the desired pitch is achieved on all tension rods. Tuning a single tension rod completely to pitch or overtightening will cause unbalance which can result in damage to the shell, head, lugs, hoop and/or claws. Any damage as a result of user error or mishandling is not covered under our warranty.

    How do I clean my drums?

    We recommend cleaning our finishes with a clean microfiber cloth slightly dampened with water. Promptly dry any moisture left behind with a dry microfiber cloth. Leaving moisture on the finish and hardware can cause damage voiding your warranty. We do not recommend using any soaps or cleaners as these can be abrasive and hurt the finish. Always wipe down your drums after use as sweat, water and other liquids can be very damaging to the finish and cause hardware to rust which are not covered under warranty.

    How do care for my tension rods and bearing edges?

    When changing a head, we recommend cleaning the bearing edge by wiping it down with a clean microfiber cloth. Be sure that the new head sits evenly on the edge before you place the hoop on the collar. Wipe down the hoops to get rid of any foreign material that could get between it and the head. Every few head changes we recommend applying a very light coat of paraffin wax to the bearing edge and a very small amount of petroleum jelly to the tip of each tension rod to encourage smooth tuning. Tension rods can loosen on new drums as they settle as well as on drums where the player hits hard, lost tension rods are not replaceable under warranty. Visit sjcdrums.com to purchase replacement tension rods.

    How do I store and travel with my drums?

    If you’re not comfortable in the climate, chances are your drums aren’t either! Storing your drums in a climate controlled area is paramount to keeping your drums in their best form. Direct sunlight, high humidity, excessive dryness, precipitation, extreme cold and heat all can cause damage to your drums and exposure to these elements can void your warranty. We suggest to cover your drums with a heat reflective blanket if you must play outdoors in the sunlight. Avoiding these elements will help prevent rusting of hardware, discoloration of finishes and bubbling of wraps. It is very important to transport your drums in properly fitted cases and not lift them by the hardware (brackets, lugs, throw off) to prevent damage.

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