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      Cris Cruz

      One day we had a meeting about our drums, and how distinguishing the differences between them could be kind of confusing.. We knew we needed a really simple way to distinguish our drums from one another. That's when we came up with Kinda, Wicked and Ultimate Custom! With Kinda Custom, you're getting drums with 100% SJC DNA just without having to think of it first. Drums that thrive in the spotlight, and look custom in comparison to others, ergo, Kinda Custom. I'm gonna take this time to kinda talk about Kinda Custom, K?

      XO Tour Llif3

      Speaking of owning a spotlight, we have Ruby, Onyx, and Surf. All meant to be in the spotlight, yet just easy to kick it in the back of the van! It was fairly easy to compose this graphic because really these drums will stand out amongst anything. Equipped with brass hardware and durable paint finishes, we make these here at our shop. That means you'll have 4-6 weeks to sit back, relax and let us take the wheel.  

      Hit The Road

      SUIT UP

      I don't necessarily know how these things work together visually, but something about a giant Game Boy in the sky just does it for me.  I guess you could say these kits have big Game Boy energy. Addicting, easy to play,  fun as hell, and lookin good doin it. The Paramount Tuxedo is made in our factory in Taiwan and are ready to ship when you are!

      Go To Tux Fitting


      Always inspired by the city of Providence, RI we've put together some of the coolest mother-drummers in the lineup, Calcutta White and Obsidian Black.  We took photos of them outside and oh my god they radiate in the sunlight light hot sand, and they're f**king statuesque. It somehow looks correct that they would tower over a lighthouse. These aren't made in Providence, but just a short trip away in our MA shop.

      Catch Some Rays


      Whether you're heading to see the Northern Lights, Hollywood, or to get ice cream, the Pathfinder can help you get there. With Miami Teal, Midnight Black, and Cyber Yellow satin stains, you can define your path to your drumming destination. Each one oozing with the SJC Style we're so proud to create. If you're itching to beat some new drums, you'll be scratching in no time because these are ready to ship if you so choose to find your path. 

      See What Lies Ahead


      With names like Slam, Jam, and Thrash you know these Cans are here to throw down! Side snares that will legit always back you up bro, like a wing man for your kit. Manufactured in Taiwan, and undeniably SJC. I mean, two of them are wrapped in grip tape.  

      Open A Can of Whoop-Ass

      I hope I kinda gave you an idea of what it means to go Kinda Custom!
      Are you ready to go?