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      SJC Releases Short Film Featuring Jay Weinberg of Slipknot

      • by Zach Matook

      6/6/2019: SJC Custom Drums is pleased to announce the release of their short film:

      Jay Weinberg: A Look Back at Slipknot’s ".5: The Gray Chapter" Era

      Featuring the story of Jay’s joining the band, interviews with his father, Max Weinberg, as well as founding Slipknot member “Clown”, the video is sure to inspire those around the world with the dream of being a musician, honing their craft, and touring the world!

      Jay Weinberg walks us through his audition process with Slipknot, his relationship with the band since 2001, and what it takes to play drums in the world’s most fearsome musical act.

      Directed & Edited by Brendan Coughlin - https://www.brendancoughlin.net/

      Executive Producer - Mike Ciprari

      Mixed & Mastered By Jacob King

      In Loving Memory of Wild Bill

      Tagged with: family

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