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      josh manuel
      bucktopia kit

      After seeing the art Josh supplied for his signature practice pad, we knew we wanted to see that rad cheetah print on a drum kit! We were stoked to put together such an elegant set of drums for our man Josh. 


      7x10, 7.75x12, 14x16,
      16x18, 18x22
      Maple shells
      6ply toms, 8ply kick
      Bucktopia cheetah custom wrap
      30° Bearing edges
      walnut satin stain hoops
      Brass hardware
      rose gold hoops on toms
      Custom Bucktopia calftone head

      “This is perfect...I could not be more stoked!” - Josh Manuel

      On March 31st, Josh unveiled his kit on a Twitch Live Stream to around 1000 viewers. He did a full unboxing of the entire kit, and talked about the specs and what he likes about them and why. After a full-fledged drum seminar, Josh quickly tuned up the drums, and set them up to play! For another 90 minutes Josh covered songs by the requests of his viewers. 

      During the unboxing one viewer admitted “Tbh, thought it would look cheesy but SJC has done it again” and another commented “Put me inside it and let me live in it”.. same dude. 

      Then, the most revealing moment of the stream took place. As the bass drum sat nestled on Josh's drum throne in full display of the camera, it slowly started to roll back.... It hit the ground with a loud bang while Josh remained stunned. After a few moments of disbelief, Josh picked up the kick and ran a quality check.

      "Oh my god" he mutters... "it's perfect!!!"
      “A+ build SJC, passes the tour brutality test!"

      Check out the slides below to take a look at building this kit from concept to creation!!

      While you're at it, watch Josh's last cover on Youtube!