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Mike Gets a Tattoo of a Customer's Initials!

Posted by Zach Matook on

9/28/2019 - Mike Gets a Tattoo of a Customer's Initials!

WOW! who would have thought that Mike would do that!?? Let us know what you thought of Mike getting that done!

Our good friend Filo Pagano has been an exemplary member of the SJC Family for years all the way from Italy! He recently visited the shop on a trip to the USA and showed us that he got a new tattoo of our logo. SO, Mike thought he should get a tattoo of Filo's initials! We went to lunch and then Mike told Filo the plan. Filo then got ANOTHER SJC tattoo the same day right after Mike!

Thank you so much Filo; you truly embody the essence of all things SJC within!

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