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    Sunday October 22, 2017 - Classic Aesthetic and Superior tone come to life!

    The Paramount series is the essential combination of looks and tone! This kit provides the modern drummer with an affordable, tour-worthy option that enables limitless versatility. 


    With 7-ply North American Maple Shells and a Walnut Transparent Hi-Gloss Lacquer, the Paramount will perform in any setting. With multiple configurations and add-on options, you just can’t go wrong!  For the studio, a session, or on the road, the Paramount kit was designed to meet all your drumming needs.

    We chose the name “Paramount” as we believe its meaning of being “supreme” is synonymous with the exceptional overarching quality of this series.  SJC Shield hardware, 2.3mm Hoops, and Evans drumheads all combine to give you a balanced feel and tone all around the kit in any configuration.

    The Paramount can be yours for as low as $124 a month! Click below to learn more!


      Paramount Specs:          
    • 3 Piece Kit: 8x12, 16x16, 18x22
    • 5 Piece Kit: 7x10, 8x12, 16x16, 18x22. 6.5x14 Snare
    • Available Add-on Floor Toms: 14x14, 16x18
    • 6.5x14 snare sold individually as well
    • 7-ply North American Maple Shells
    • Walnut Transparent Hi-Gloss Lacquer
    • Chrome Hardware
    • Rack Toms include hanging mount, bracket & L-rod Clamp
    • 2.3mm Hoops
    • Drumheads by Evans


    Sean Fitzgerald from The Darren Bessette Band just took the kit out on the road and the studio, check out his testimonial below!

    "Choose your stage! For me, it's in the studio and on the road with The Darren Bessette Band. Countless gig dates with my Tour Series Kit found me needing a second kit for the studio recording for my independent clients when I come off the road. With the introduction of the Paramount, it was only natural to give this affordable little powerhouse a shot. Let me tell you, Sure, it looks incredible, sure, it's priced great, sure it comes with amazing hardware appointments but when I hit them....WOW! How else can a drummer express pure joy? WOW!!! That's how! After a while, they only sound like WOW! Wow LL Wow RR Wow L R....Do you get the point, right? Once you lay into these babies, you just can't stop. They feel like butter, from soft notes to slammin', hard ones! Tonally consistent, easy, spot-on tuning and under the microphones, that North American maple just sings soooooo nice. Who needs other instruments? The Detail of the hardware and professional to the last!! Now my biggest problem is deciding whether to continue using the SJC Tour Series Kit Or the Paramount?!?!?! Maybe I'll combine both and go HUGE LOL. Absolutely, worth every cent fellow drummers!!!" - Sean Fiztgerald, The Darren Bessette Band


    SJC Custom Drums Paramount Maple




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