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      Over the past week, we’ve taken a lot of time to educate ourselves, and listen.

      We are looking at ways we can engage using our reach & network of friends & drummers to make a positive impact. We want to be an ongoing meaningful resource.

      Make no mistake, SJC DRUMS DOES NOT condone behavior that supports violence and brutality or racism in any way shape or form, and are proud to surround ourselves with so many people with the same mindset of equality and peace.

      We understand that we have a platform here on social media and in the world, and it is our hope to use it in the most effective and respectful way to help empower this important message.

      We want to evolve and create a better community together. We want to be respectful and authentic in how we approach all of this. We do not claim to know everything on the matter, we have a lot to do to educate ourselves to be the best people we can and offer strength to this powerful cause.

      Our intention is to show support, continue to raise awareness, and offer a positive support system throughout the SJC family and music community as a whole. To promote equality.

      There’s a lot of powerful things happening right now, it’s important to continue to look out for each other and continue to listen, educate and empower each other in the most positive way possible. Let’s unite with positivity. We are here for you and with you.

      Thank you

      SJC Drums


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