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      SJC's First China Clinic Tour

      • by Zach Matook

      4/17/2018: SJC Custom Drums + Frank Zummo China Clinic Tour

      SJC recently teamed up with DS Musical, VANS and artist Frank Zummo to put on their first China clinic tour with the goal of meeting and inspiring drummers of all ages! Frank and co-founder Mike Ciprari hit 3 major cities to being a true SJC Drums experience to sold out crowds of passionate students.

      The tour went through Guangzhou, Xiamen, and Beijing, where a local drummer opened and then Frank took the stage playing Sum 41, Krewella, and some of his favorite mash up songs for the those in attendance. On top of the performances, each clinic also featured a Q&A, giveaway, and meet & greet. SJC surprised the opening drummers with their own Alpha Snares as well!

      It was amazing seeing young drummers (some around the age of 6) all the way to seasoned musicians who have followed the brand for many many years. Some attendees had SJC drums from many, many years ago so it was great to see and feel that loyalty and dedication in person.




      SJC would like to thank DS Musical, VANS, the local sponsors and everyone who came out to support this clinic tour! There will be many more in the future.

      "China was truly an incredible experience in every way! I had an absolute blast performing, taking in the sights and meeting the amazing Chinese drum community! It warmed my heart seeing all the upcoming young drummers and how supportive their families are!" - Frank Zummo (Sum 41, Street Drum Corps, Krewella)


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