The Final Vans Warped Tour EVER!

Posted by Zach Matook on

7/31/2019 - The Final Vans Warped Tour EVER!

And that's a WRAP on VANS WARPED TOUR.. 25 years of punk rock perfection has come to an end but the legacy will live on forever. Thank you Vans, Kevin Lyman and Steve Van Doren for creating the symbol of summer for so many people for so many years!

We were fortunate enough to have a large SJC Family presence at the shows this year and captured a lot of great content. Keep an eye out for TONS of drum cams being posted this summer!

HUGE thanks to Frank Zummo of Sum 41 for hosting a Loyal to the Craft meet and greet at our booth where two School of Rock students were fortunate enough to play with and shadow Frank for the day! He even pulled them on stage to watch Sum 41! EPIC!!!

Vans Warped Tour will forever have a place in SJC's heart... it is where we made a name for ourself many years ago and we've been proud to be involved ever since!

2019 Vans Warped Tour in Mountain View, California

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