Step 1

Bringing a Dream to Life

At SJC, our dedicated artist relations team works with you to design the drum kit or snare of your dreams. We will help you visualize and understand what is going into your drums to ensure they come out perfect for you. ‘Built with passion, played with pride’ are the words we live by and welcoming you to the family is the first step in showing you why these words mean so much to us.

Step 2

Starting the Journey

Once the order is placed, it is printed and assigned to a cart. The plan to bring your dream to life is laid out and ready to begin the journey. Your shells are cut to the specific sizes you’ve requested and we’ll gather all the hardware for your order.

Step 3

Dreams Take Shape

It’s time for your dreams to take shape. Our master craftsmen in wood working prepare shells for finishing, fabricate custom hoops and reinforcement rings as well as bring hybrid shell configurations to life. At each stage of the manufacturing process our craftsmen inspect the drums to make sure they meet our highest quality standards.

Step 4

Personality Comes to Life

Each and every drum we make has a personality. From simplicity to complexity, your custom drums will exude a piece of your personality combined with ours. Custom designed shell wraps, expertly applied stains, and limitless custom finishes all are done in-house.

Step 5

Crafting Your Tone

Bearing edges are one of the most important parts of how a drum will sound. Our edges are precision cut and hand honed to ensure each edge is perfect to help your drums sound amazing and stay in tune.

Step 6

Laying Out the Path

We drill the layout for our lugs, vents, and brackets with a custom programmed CNC machine to guarantee accuracy. All of our mounting holes are accurately drilled to .010" tolerances to ensure seamless assembly and tuning.

Step 7

The Finishing Touch

Using the finest parts, we now fully assemble and tune your drums, finally bringing them totally to life. Each part is inspected before it is applied to prevent anything less than perfect going on your drums. In addition to being tuned, each drum is played to make sure your drums sound perfect.

Step 8

Passing the Test

During each step of the process, drums are inspected by our experienced drum builders. Once assembled and tuned, drums must pass final inspection. They are examined and tested to make sure they leave perfect. We take pride in our consistent quality standards.

Step 9

Showcasing Our Creations

Here at SJC, we are wholeheartedly proud of every drum we build. Each and every drum is now photographed so we can share your dreams with the rest of the SJC family. You and your new drums are now part of the family and we are excited to promote you and your band on our social media.

Step 10

The Journey Home

The last stop in our process is preparing your drums for the journey to their new home. Each custom drum kit and snare come with a personalized Birth Certificate as well as some SJC goodies. Once they are carefully boxed within our proprietary packaging system, we ship them promptly. They are now ready for a lifetime of adventures with you at home, in the studio, or on the road. We live and breathe the words ‘Built with passion, played with pride’ and can’t wait to share what we do with you.

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