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      These stats are based on standard hardware components, anything
      outside of this will need to be determined on a case by case basis. 


      Standard depth claw style hoops on kick or UFO w/ standard claws


      Triple flanged hoops on toms and snares


      Standard style t-rods (no t-handle)


      SJC Brackets directly on shell for floor tom


      SJC bass drum spurs


      SJC standard throwoff/butt plate


      How to calculate: Take shell's actual measurements and add from the table below.
      For example, on an 18x22" (depth x diameter) bass drum, the outer dimensions would be 21x25" (depth x diameter)

      Quick tip: If ordering individual drum cases, most case manufacturers design their cases with room to accommodate most drum brands' standard hardware (with the intention of the end user fitting the brackets or spurs on the drum into the "corner" of the case) so you simply need to order the size of case that matches the size of your drum. i.e. for an 18x22 bass drum, you would order an 18x22 case. Check with your case manufacturer to confirm if their cases account for this already.

      RACK TOM W/ HANGING MOUNTDepth + 1"Diameter + 4"
      RACK TOM (NO MOUNT)Depth + 1"Diameter + 1"
      FLOOR TOMDepth + 1"Diameter + 2.5"
      BASS DRUMDepth + 3"
      (Depth + 4.5” if extended reso hoop)
      Diameter + 3"
      SNARE DRUMDepth + 1"Diameter + 2.5"
      UFODepth + 1"Diameter + 4"

      *Outer diameter measurements are based on the widest possible measurement including hardware that sticks out from the shell and can vary +/- 0.5" on toms, snares & UFOs and +/- 1" on bass drums depending on a few factors including what point you measure from (as brackets and spurs aren't symmetrical) and if the bracket/spur wing nuts aren't tightened down. In most situations, the drum can fit into smaller dimensions as you can usually position the drum so that the widest point fits into the corner of the case.

      **Outer depth measurements can vary +/- 0.5" depending on tuning.