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      Virtual Designer Ordering Terms + Conditions:

      The Virtual Drum Designers include pre-packaged specs like shell size, type, and edge. We have limited the amount of options so that we can keep certain inventory components in stock to offer a great price and turnaround time. We are offering hundreds of custom accessories options to allow the customization of the finish or color, texture, image and overall design to their liking.

      By agreeing to these terms and checking out, you are agreeing to the pre-set package specifications listed in the product title as well as:

      Finish, Texture, Colors, Images:
      1: The image(s) and color(s) you see on your screen may vary in real life as a result of, but not limited to: monitor settings, graphic colors compared to actual inventory in real life, and variances in batches of different inventory
      2: Patterns such as wraps, snare straps, splatter, tension rod washers, badges, etc. may not be in the exact location or orientation as seen on the customizer
      3: We do not guarantee any certain ratio of grain visibility on stains or paints

      Color Matching:
      1: Colors are not guaranteed to match. For example: A red tension rod washer is not guaranteed to match a red paint or red snare strap.

      Uploading Custom Images:
      1: We can only accept images you’ve taken, created or have the right to use:
      - Personal photos (without copyrighted material)
      - Your artwork (without copyrighted material)
      2: Supported file types:
      - JPG and PNG
      - Content suitable for all ages
      - Files under 10MB and a minimum of 100 x 100
      3: We will not accept:
      - Trademarked or copyrighted material such as logos, images of celebrities, TV shows, books, songs and sports teams/mascots.
      - Images of nudity, weapons, violence or other offensive content.
      - Images of, or reference to, drugs, alcohol or smoking.
      - Profane language or visuals
      *We reserve the right to remove a custom badge that has been uploaded that we deem to have a copyright violation and to reject any image.
      (If your submission is not accepted, you will receive a notification.)

      Order Cancellation:
      1: Per our Ordering Terms & Conditions, once your checkout is complete, we are not able to cancel, change, edit, or refund the order.
      2: We reserve the right to cancel an order if we feel our Terms & Conditions are broken.

      Payment and Taxes:
      1: Once you CHECKOUT, your credit card will be charge the full amount as stated on the checkout page
      2: Sales Tax will be charged where required by law. If you are shipping to states where sales tax is charged, the appropriate charges will be added to your merchandise total and displayed in your custom product order confirmation email.

      Turnaround Time:
      1: Our stated turnaround time is not a guarantee and may change without notice.

      Clearance To Use Content:
      By purchasing a Virtual Drum Designer Custom product and checking out and providing SJC Drums with content such as photos, videos, graphic images or any other content (the “Content”), you grant SJC Drums, LLC (“SJC Drums”) a irrevocable, nonexclusive, royalty-free license to use the Content in perpetuity, in any way, on any and all of its internet or social media platforms (including but not limited to the SJC Drums website and blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat). You also give your permission for SJC Drums to alter the Content in any way or to otherwise create derivative works from the Content. You also grant SJC Drums the irrevocable, perpetual right to use your name, image, likeness, and any other identifying information in connection with SJC Drums’ use of the Content. You represent and warrant that you have the authority to grant such a license. If you do not own the copyright to the Content, for example if you did not take a photo or video yourself, DO NOT SUBMIT the Content without the written authorization of the copyright holder. You agree to hold SJC Drums harmless in any dispute arising out of SJC Drums’ use of the Content and to indemnify SJC Drums for any costs incurred in defending itself in any such dispute.

      By adding to cart, saving & sharing your design, others will have access to your design to potentially be re-ordered.

      Entire Agreement:
      By providing your name and email address and affirmatively clicking on button labelled "I Agree" and CHECKING OUT, you agree to allow SJC Drums, LLC to use your contact information for the purpose of authentication as part of your creation of Virtual Drum Designer and for other purposes, including communicating with you about SJC Drums’ products and events as more completely described in SJC Drums’ privacy policy statement, available at www.sjcdrums.com , as modified from time to time. Your image will pass through multiple rounds of moderation based on the criteria above before it may be used on SJC Drums product.
      2: By checking AGREE, you are agreeing to the above list in addition to our Ordering Terms listed on our FAQ page as well as our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use located at www.sjcdrums.com