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      NAMM '18 - Custom Builds

      • by Zach Matook

      1/25/2018: NAMM '18 - Custom Builds

      As 2018 marks our 10th NAMM Show, we wanted to really push the limits of our custom capabilities and create drums that define what it means to craft and create! The team sat down, shot ideas back and forth, looked at builds from NAMM’s past, and drafted up 11 incredibly unique snares and a kit that redefines the word “custom”. We’re incredibly excited to share these drums with you all!

      The Shining Inspired Kit: We wanted to pay homage to both our roots as a cutting-edge custom drum company and an iconic film that has stood the test of time: The Shining. Our team sat down and laid out the entire theme of each drum to coincide with some of the most well-known scenes. From the "hatchet" vent in the snare and footprints in the hedge maze on the floor tom to the bows of the twins on the rack toms and the infamous carpet pattern on the kick; every little detail has its purpose. (more photos below)

      Specs: M5 Maple Shells - (7x10 RT, 7.5x12 RT , 15x16 FT, 18x22 KD and 6.75x14 SD)



      Custom Snares: (Available for purchase) 

      Alongside this unbelievably designed kit by our own Emily, we crafted 11 snares that each foster a specific capability of ours. From distressed stains and twine to custom painted galaxy finishes and snares that look like a WW2 army tank, we really wanted to craft some one-of-a-kind drums for this year’s show. Check out the photos below!




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