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      NAMM '18 - The SJC M5 Maple Shell

      • by Zach Matook
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      1/28/2018: The SJC M5 Maple Shell

      M5 Shell: After years of building upon the foundation that is the “SJC Sound” (that perfect balance of attack with smooth sustain + controlled overtones) and working closely with our artists to create a formula that further develops these preferred characteristics, we have designed and released our proprietary M5 Maple Shells!

      Standard on all custom orders, 5 alternating vertical and horizontal plies made up of North American maple come together to formulate our proprietary M5 shell that offers enhanced resonance, increased tonal range, and ease of tuning in any playing situation.

      Specific inner-ply thickness increases as you move from the rack toms through the floor toms to the kick drum. The strategic change in ply thickness adjusts the tonal characteristics of the shells and results in the use of less plies and adhesive, creating a complete balance of both tone and feel. We designed the M5 Snare shells to have the thickest overall ply configuration, giving you the power of versatility, increased attack, and ultimately bringing your tonal range full circle. SJC’s R&D team worked tirelessly to test this proprietary formula to equip you with a shell that is going to hold up to your every need in any situation.

      The edge that we recommend for the M5 shells is our SJC 45 bearing edge which has been continuously perfected over the years. The 45 provides the player with the preferred balance of resonant overtones and crisp attack. If you’re looking for a warmer tone with more punch in the attack, our vintage round-over, when combined with our reinforcement rings, is a fantastic option as well.

      To ensure consistency and performance of our shells, we position the apex of our edges in the most stable portion of the plies. We hand-hone the edges and carefully check the accuracy of our work to make sure your drums tune up perfectly every time. You can now completely define your tone with a shell that’s as unique as the finishes and experience we create!


      SJC M5 Maple Shell 


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      • Amazing
        Just like your drums!
        I enjoyed the video,



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