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      PASIC 2017

      • by Zach Matook

      Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - PASIC 2017!

      Zach just got back from PASIC in Indianapolis and here's what he had to say! 

      "As this was the first time we exhibited at PASIC with our own booth, I must say, that the response was overwhelmingly positive. There were longtime SJC fans who were super excited to catch up, some newcomers to the brand, and a ton of industry friends who loved what we had displayed! We brought 10 snares (a solid mix of custom and standard product) and a full kit setup consisting of a Limited Edition Purple Stain Tour Series Kit, Goliath Bell Brass Snare and a full set of Foundation Flatline hardware. Check out the booth below!" 


      So many people came by to check out the gear! Most people could not get over the tone of the kit. The Tour Series feature 6ply maple toms and an 8ply kick and are all outfitted with Evans heads (G2s on the toms and an Emad2 on the kick). This combo has proven to be perfect for our shells and SJC-45 Edges; the kit sounded full and incredibly smooth, We also have a bop style kit in the Evans booth, check it out below! (14x18, 7x12, 14x14 maple shells with turquoise ripple wrap).

      We also had a special project kit set up in the Sweetwater booth in partnership with Sensory Percussion. We're working together on creating the ultimate package for the creators out there who want to take their drumming and musicality to the next level! More details to come at NAMM...

      Thanks for tuning in and please leave any comments below!

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