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      Staying Healthy on Tour!

      • by Zach Matook

      Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 - Frank Zummo's Health Routines!

      Frank Zummo fills us in on how he stays healthy on tour and in general as an active drummer!

      From ice baths and coffee to beet powder and turmeric, Frank gives us the scoop on how any drummer can keep themselves energized and in-shape throughout the year! Check out what he had to say below:


      So, if you're looking for the supplements Frank mentioned, the 2 companies are:

      • Organixx (Turmeric 3D, probiotics and protein shakes)
      • Laird Superfoods (Coffee and HYDRATE coconut powder)

      Comment below with your health routines and thanks for tuning in!

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